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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

Yes it is completely legal to play online cash games in India as long as it is a game of skill, both tournament and Fantasy are recognised games of skill. Fantasy gaming is banned in following states namely Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim in India.
Your personal details like mobile number will be used to take your feedback to improve FanClash , send you timely notifications regarding upcoming matches and also as an account identifier.
FanClash is a Fantasy gaming app on Esports and Esports Tournaments hosting app. FanClash aims to build an esports gaming ecosystem in long run. You can play Fantasy games on FanClash based on your esports knowledge and skill.


2. Fantasy

Fantasy is a game of skill and your esports knowledge. You chose your dream team from all the teams playing in PUBG , Valorant, FreeFire, CODM, CS:GO.You have to create your team within the given max budget of 40 credits. Your dream team earns points when the real players perform in the real tournaments live. What are you waiting for, come participate and win! Here are easy steps to get started:
  1. Select a Match: Select a Match on any ongoing series of a game
  2. Select a Contest: Select a contest you want to participate in
  3. Create your Dream Team: create a team within 40 credits with your esports know how and skill and flaunt to your friends
  4. Follow the Match: Track the match in the Live Matches
  5. Withdraw your winnings : Withdraw your winnings in your wallet.
You can play Fantasy on Valorant , PUBG, CODM, FreeFire, CS:GO.
We offer daily Fantasy on ongoing esports Matches .We will come up with more different formats in future.
There are fairplay rules to abide by on the FanClash app , every FanClash user is expected to abide by them while playing Fantasy.Also teams are not disclosed on FanClash app before results are declared for Fantasy.
If a match is cancelled we will mark the match cancelled and refund your money within 12-48 hrs. If rescheduled we inform users via notifications .
Currently we have only one entry per user, in future multiple entries will be allowed.
Every FanClash user can take part in Daily Fantasy on Esports on FanClash if he/she meets the age restriction and belongs to the state where Fantasy is allowed.
Login to the FanClash App--> click on Fantasy -->select a match -->select a contest--> create a team -->join a contest.
Now, we are adding substitute players also. You have to choose the player using your own research or knowledge.
Click on Fantasy section --> click on match --> click on contest --> click on the scoring button in the prize pool section --> you can see scoring here .


3. Tournament

You can play PUBG Mobile, Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, CS:GO and FreeFire on FanClash app
Click on the edit pencil button and edit your user profile.
In the tournaments tab after a match is over , the results will be uploaded in 1-2 days , in the same match card.
You can connect with customer support at the Contact Us button in the Hamburger. A chat box opens , you can chat and raise your queries here .
On the FanClash app click on the Tournaments tab , you can see a listing of all the matches being hosted on the FanClash at that moment. You can filter with Game type. The App is updated and has the latest information in real time .
On My Matches tab , you can check the status of the matches that you have joined . You can also check the schedule of the matches you have joined.


4. Login and Account Management

Request for a new OTP, if you still didn’t get OTP connect with FanClash customer support team at the Contact Us button in the hamburger and escalate the issue.
Login as a guest or login with Facebook we don’t post on Facebook on your behalf ever. Trust our word!
If you are not able to login with FB on FanClash , connect with customer support at FanClash Contact Us section and escalate this issue .
Please don’t share your OTP with anyone ever, our team doesn’t call to ask for OTP ever.
It is not advised to create more than one account.


5. Payments and Withdrawls

You can see your earnings on the wallet page, you can click on the wallet icon at top right corner of the FanClash app.
You will received your winning with in 12-48 hrs of the match complete
Please connect with FanClash customer support at Contact Us and escalate your issue.
You can withdraw your winnings via UPI ID or via Bank Transfer.
Yes, when winnings gets more than ₹500, KYC needs to be verified for more withdrawals.
FC Cash is FanClash internal currency for in app transactions on FanClash app.
You can apply FC Cash discount on each tournament match or Fantasy Contest for which it is being accepted.
You can earn FC cash referring to more and more friends and family.


6. Other Features

Daily tasks are the actions which you complete on FanClash and earn FC Cash as per the basic defined rules . Daily tasks can be accessed from the Hamburger section in the FanClash App.
User profile is your full blown identity on the FanClash app, you can be quirky and create an awesome profile. In the future we will have a facility to follow friends so, your friends can see your profile on FanClash. As of now your profile is accessible from Leaderboard
Leaderboard is the place where the weekly winners are featured on the FanClash app, you can check your ranking on the FanClash leaderboard. Leaderboard is weekly in nature and resets 12 am IST every Monday.
First of all, many thanks from us at FanClash for referring your friends! If you refer your friends you get 25 FC Cash, also you can play with them on the FanClash app.