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Affiliate Terms And Conditions

Consideration payable to Affiliate/Affiliate Network for Promoting FanClash:
  1. Subject to clause 1.2, the Affiliate/Affiliate Network will be will be paid on below payout model :
    1. Cost Per Register (CPR)
    2. Cost Per Action (CPA)
    3. Cost Per Deposit (CPD)
  2. The payment indicated in Clause 3.1 above shall be made only if the below assigned thresholds are reached. The Company shall not be liable to make any payments if the minimum KPIs mentioned below have not been reached.
    Install to Register1.10% Top Up conversion
    2.Min 100 sign ups

    Register: Shall mean any new distinct user who has installed and registered on the FanClash Platform.

    Action: Shall mean the first participation of a new user on a Fantasy contest on the FanClash platform, except practice contests.

    Deposit: Shall mean the top-up by a new distinct user who registered above of the FanClash in game wallet.

    Install: Shall mean the first download, install and the first opening of the app by a new distinct user.

    Playing: Shall have the same meaning as ‘Action’ above.
    Cash Paying: Shall mean Activity undertaken as defined above by using balances from either the top-up or winning wallets of the new distinct user.

    Top-up: Shall have the same meaning as “Deposit” above.

    GMV: Shall mean the total of the Cash entry fee paid by the new distinct users to participate on fantasy contests, net off any discounts that may be offered to the user.

    The metric for the events ‘Register; ‘Playing’ , ‘depositor’ and ‘Cash-Paying’ shall be taken from the FanClash Offer 18 platform assigned to each Affiliate/Affiliate Network. The events are described as below:

    • Register = af_complete_registration
    • Playing = af_contest_join
    • Depositor = af_purchase
    • Cash-Paying = User who has real-money in their “Deposit wallet” or “Winning wallet”.
Scope of the Agreement
  1. Affiliate/Affiliate Network will ‘Popularize’ the products and IP of the FanClash. ‘Popularize’ refers to any act of uploading the digital graphics and videos provided by the FanClash.
  2. Affiliate will be assigned a tracking panel by FanClash on the FanClash Offer 18 platform. The panels shall generate certain links to be shared with prospective users. This link will be used by users to sign onto FanClash platform. Any user who signs in FanClash App using an affiliate tracking link.
  3. Affiliate will have to submit a report of all Social Campaign and activities, tournaments done for Promoting FanClash App.
Deliverables: (Included but not limited to)
  1. Affiliates Can plan and work accordingly to gain maximum traction on the FanClash app.
  2. Use of FanClash related hashtags and social tags to be mentioned.
  3. Affiliate will be responsible for educating the audience about the app & to bring in active users.
  4. The Affiliate/Affiliate Network shall ensure that the KPIs mentioned in Clause 1.2 are fulfilled.
Pay-out to Affiliate
  1. Taxation: All standard direct and indirect taxation and deductions as per Govt. of India will apply
  2. On non-fulfillment of any of the deliverables mentioned above or in case of unsatisfactory work, the payment can be withheld accordingly. “Unsatisfactory work“ and “non-fulfillment” shall be adjudged by the FanClash.
  3. Subject to the aforesaid, the FanClash may make payment to the Affiliate within 15 working days of the campaign.
Terms of Conduct
  1. All blog posts, social media statuses, tweets and/or comments should be in good taste and free of inappropriate language and/or any content promoting bigotry, racism or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Any complaint or liability with respect to the content shall be the responsibility of the Affiliate. The Affiliate hereby unconditionally agrees to indemnify FanClash jointly and severally in this regard.
  2. Ownership and Content Use: The content created by the Affiliate shall be owned by FanClash and can be used anywhere as per FanClash’s discretion. The Affiliate agrees to let FanClash use the Affiliate’s name, logo, images, graphics, social media profiles, etc in relation to this agreement.
  3. The Affiliate agrees to maintain utmost confidentiality regarding all aspects of the present agreement and submits that any information regarding the same may be disclosed to any third party only after the prior express consent of the FanClash.
  4. The affiliate/affiliate Network acknowledges that in the event of fraudulent views/sign-ups on Company’s FanClash by the affiliate/affiliate network or as a result of their Endorsements through unsolicited promotions or unfair or unlawful means including through bots, or otherwise, without prejudice to the Company’s legal rights and other remedies, the Company shall have complete discretion to withhold payment of Fees, black-list the Influencer and/or terminate the Agreement with immediate effect in the manner provided in Clause 8
Breach and Termination

The Breach of any term or condition stipulated in this agreement would entail the non-breaching party to terminate this agreement with a 3-day notice to the breaching party. However, the Affiliate will not be permitted to terminate the agreement until the deliverables stated in clause 5 are completed upto the satisfaction of the FanClash.

Dispute Resolution

The courts of Delhi would have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement.